Regular and consistent performance opportunities are absolutely essential for the growth of young musicians. You may have the opportunity to play with your school band or orchestra, or your youth orchestra, twice a year. We believe that students need many more opportunities than that! Here at TMI, we host regular and consistent performance opportunities for our students through frequent student recitals, masterclasses with world-class artists through our faculty and guest artists, and juries twice a year. Performances can be virtual or organized to be in-person in your city. We will set you up!

You don't know how you will feel performing until you actually do it. If you only perform twice a year, you spend the rest of the time practicing and playing on your own or for your teacher, which doesn't give you the chance of truly experiencing the nerves of performing. The only way to eliminate performance nerves is to perform as often as possible. We give the opportunity for students to perform their own solo recitals as often as their teacher directs them to. Our recitals are also open to the public, which helps our students start building name recognition in their community.

Our masterclasses are taught by both our world-class faculty members and special guest artists. Students have the opportunity to play for these incredible musicians, giving them new tips and ideas that they never would have thought of before! Connecting with professional musicians through masterclasses is also a fantastic way to continue to build your network from a young age.

Juries are regular performance "tests" that students will have to do when they enter a music school or conservatory. These are short playing tests with pieces determined by your private teacher and are judged by members of the faculty who are not your teacher. TMI juries will not determine your eligibility at our school, but will rather provide you with helpful comments about your playing to help you improve. Juries might seem scary, but just like performing, the more you do it- the less scary it is.

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