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How to Audition: Tips and tricks to make your TMI audition easy and simple.

Auditioning has never been easier. While we are all stuck at home during this pandemic, there is one positive: the accessibility of online communication is as strong as ever! For the 2020/2021 academic year, TMI will be fully online. This means that we are only accepting virtual auditions as well, for your safety and the safety of our faculty members. If you're nervous about doing a virtual audition or just wondering how to do it, keep reading!

Step 1: Record your video.

You'll want to check our registrations and audition page for information on the specific requirements for your instrument. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the audition requirements, you can reach out to us at any time.

When you're ready to record your audition video, do it all in one take. That means you play all of your scales, etudes, and whatever else requirements there are for your instrument one after the other. If you make a mistake, you can start over or just keep going. Remember: no one has ever done a perfect audition! You are human and you will make mistakes. We want to see who you are as a musician and how you recover from mistakes, rather than robotic perfection. We trust that you will do your best!

Tip: if you are able to, use a high-quality microphone to record your audition. If you do not have one, you are more than welcome to use your laptop or even your phone propped up on a music stand. We understand limitations some may have on equipment!

Step 2: Upload to YouTube.

If you don't have a YouTube account, you'll need to make one. (It's super easy- you can just auto-log-in with your gmail account!). Go to the top right-hand corner, and you'll see the small camera icon with a "+" in the middle of it. Click that, and then click "upload video" (shown here with the red circle.)

Then, upload your video! It might take a while; don't worry. Let it do its thing. After you upload your video, follow the steps indicated on the page. It will ask you for a title and description; make sure to put your name, instrument, and the pieces you are playing in the video in the description. If you know which teacher you are auditioning to study with, please put that in the description as well.

Next is the most important part- make your video "unlisted." What this means is that no one can search for your video and watch it; only people who have the link to the video can watch it. This is generally a good idea for things like audition videos that you don't want out there in the world, and it is also good if you are under 18. We value safety at TMI! (Of course, if you would like to make it public with your parent's permission, you are more than welcome to.)

Step 3: Email us your audition.

The last step is to send us the link to your audition video. You can email it to us at The only people who will watch your video are the directors, Mandy and Chris Guilfoyle, and the teacher(s) specific to the instrument that you play. We will email you as soon as possible after your audition video is submitted.

Note: You cannot start lessons until you have submitted your audition video! Let us know if you have any issues recording or with the audition requirements. We are here to help!

That's basically it! All of us are thrust into this uncertain world with everything online now, and we want all of our students to know that we are here to help you and make this the most positive, supportive, and valuable audition experience that we can!

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