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Interview: Allie Milliot, Social Media Manager

We love and appreciate all of our staff, from our faculty members to our administration! Meet our new Social Media Manager, Allie Milliot.

So, you're a photographer! Tell me how you got started with that. What first inspired you?

My earliest memory for my camera fascination was when I was just a kid, maybe 3 or 4 years old being at Disney World and I would always want to take the disposable camera that we were using from my mom and just take photos of us all having a great time at the happiest place on earth. Then when I became a teenager I was given my first SLR digital camera (a Nikon D60) and I never really looked back!

Who are your creative inspirations- any artists, musicians, etc.?

I love listening to techno-driven, most likely born in the '80s type of music so anything from The Smiths to Depeche Mode! I love classical music too, but when I am working I usually go for the former.

You don't live in Texas! Where do you live and what are some of your favorite things about your city?

I live right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico! You can find me in Madeira Beach, Florida, right outside of both me and Mandy's small hometown! I lived for a short while in Dallas, but missed the beach and my hometown area too much and decided to come back.

While you are a photographer and web designer, you're not a musician. Are there any unexpected challenges you've faced so far or happy surprises that come with being the Social Media Manager of a music school?

Well, I am currently in school for Web Design and I love working on computers and creating websites; I actually first fell in love with graphic design when I was around 13 years old, but I do remember though that teaching myself how to code at first was rather difficult. I would work on it for hours each day until I honed in on the craft and was satisfied.

Lastly, for a fun question! You're the sister of one of our co-founders and directors, Mandy Guilfoyle. We know Mandy really loves Disney World, and you do, too- what is the BEST park, if you had to choose only one?

Epcot is my fave. I love the different countries and the food is great. I do love Galaxy's Edge though, that was one of the coolest places ever!

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