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New, for professional and serious musicians: 365 Days of Practice

Our director Mandy Guilfoyle has published a brand new practice journal for professional and serious musicians called 365 Days of Practice! This practice journal takes you on a year-long journey of mindful, dedicated, and goal-centered practice through reflection and creativity.

This journal features:

  • Year-ahead organization page, for you to figure out your goals for the next 365 days. What do you want to learn or work on? Do you have other specific musical goals?

  • 12 monthly pages to center in on your specific goals. Includes an area for coloring, because we all need a little brain break sometimes.

  • 365 daily journal pages for you to reflect on your day of practice. How did it go? How do you feel? What do you want to do differently tomorrow?

  • 6 performance reflective journal pages for after your recitals or concerts.

  • 1 yearly reflective journal section, for you to consider the pros and cons of the past 365 days of practice.

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to your craft and become the best musician you can possibly be? Imagine yourself a year from now if you practiced thoughtfully and mindfully every single day. What kind of musician would you be? Will you take the challenge?

To purchase, head to Amazon at this link:

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