student perks and amenities

Students enrolled in Texas Music Institute are in regular contact with the faculty and staff regarding opportunities that would be beneficial for each student. As a young musician, it is crucial to take advantage of any and all opportunities for getting your name in the world! We want to make sure our students know about every single audition, scholarship opportunity, masterclass, and festival that they might be able to participate in. We work hard to look for opportunities for all instruments and situations for our students and are so happy to share them as a part of your enrollment in TMI.

TMI also offers to help write recommendation letters and tap into the network of all of our amazing faculty members to help all of our students find opportunities for success. Building connections with your network at a young age is a crucial step in becoming a musician, and part of your enrollment in TMI opens you to connections that would be difficult to find on your own. We are here to help you!

Image by Kael Bloom